The Arrival

The Arrival’s name came to me after coloring. Seeing the blue sky and abstract clouds forming into and out of known forms. I love it

The process of creating The Arrival’s art was so much fun for me. I had no idea what I would be creating when I started, just that I wanted to lay down lines of variety. While drawing I see a face blurry forming just enough to use a reference photo of myself for its angle. Translation from imagination is hard in some areas. I could see it but not quite how to express it yet.

For drawing, I used line art with pen on regular print paper, then I scanned it to 110lb paper. I used various markers (permanent, paint, metallic, highlighter) for coloring. I also added extra lines other those scanned over, to make this feel more authentic to the moment. I also wanted to test it as a true free thinking activity sheet. Afterwards I scanned it to Vector Q and Adobe CC Express for smoothing and maybe adding more variety in later projects. 

For the music, I experimented in GarageBand. I love it so much! It’s not my first time but a long time. I’m very glad to have tried that again. I look forward to learning more and improving here.

Another place I’m excited about increasing in fun and skills is video creation. For this one I used Adobe Premiere Rush to make a slideshow. It was great fun. A lot of learning I’m excited about experiencing here. ☀️💙

I am sooo thankful for the experiences of learning, creating and growing in fun, Love and art. 


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