Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Why: a poem

because I want to see you

more than I see you

and to be near you even

when I may not hear you

because I want the ability

to set myself and you both free

in ways that we remember, love

is unconditional and infinitely 

available between us

City Love : a poem

Welcome home to the city of beautiful sunsets 

Sunrises you won't soon forget 

And amazing views to serve as your muse 

I could walk around every day and still feel like a tourist 

And I enjoy it to the fullest 

There's so much to see in this beautiful place 

It'll never get old, at least, that's what I hope 

Even when it gets tough, in this city I love 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Hello Beautiful Universe


This morning’s sky was so beautiful
I had to capture a visual however I could
So me and my 6s Plus went out
I edited this photo with Adobe Lightroom
Keeping as true to its colors as possible 
While showing depth 
And just making it into something
I enjoy 

Have a lovely day☀️💙

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Moving Forward

letting go of past pain

past ways

past everything

that’s adding no value

to the value of life

I desire to experience

a life with peace, joy, fun

a variety of choices

genuine friends and family

expansion in greatness and faith

increasing love

experiences that make life

grand and exciting

I’m so grateful for the ability

to live fully and freely in Love 

create art and work towards dreams

of my own everyday

The Arrival

The Arrival’s name came to me after coloring. Seeing the blue sky and abstract clouds forming into and out of known forms. I love it

The process of creating The Arrival’s art was so much fun for me. I had no idea what I would be creating when I started, just that I wanted to lay down lines of variety. While drawing I see a face blurry forming just enough to use a reference photo of myself for its angle. Translation from imagination is hard in some areas. I could see it but not quite how to express it yet.

For drawing, I used line art with pen on regular print paper, then I scanned it to 110lb paper. I used various markers (permanent, paint, metallic, highlighter) for coloring. I also added extra lines other those scanned over, to make this feel more authentic to the moment. I also wanted to test it as a true free thinking activity sheet. Afterwards I scanned it to Vector Q and Adobe CC Express for smoothing and maybe adding more variety in later projects. 

For the music, I experimented in GarageBand. I love it so much! It’s not my first time but a long time. I’m very glad to have tried that again. I look forward to learning more and improving here.

Another place I’m excited about increasing in fun and skills is video creation. For this one I used Adobe Premiere Rush to make a slideshow. It was great fun. A lot of learning I’m excited about experiencing here. ☀️💙

I am sooo thankful for the experiences of learning, creating and growing in fun, Love and art. 

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Mercy Me

 afraid of thinking back

afraid of getting stuck in the dark. 

I'm in the heart of the pain 

wanting to part 

surrounded by threats

not knowing which to start

fighting or even if I should.

unintentionally holding breaths

I'm in desperate need to take.

asking for mercy, afraid there's no grace.

all while knowing it can only be

through me that 

I can experience the experience

of living free

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Full of Promises

broken promises 

I got a lot of these 


I didn't want any

not ever 

yet here I am

filled with the words 

void of the experiences

trying to figure out if 

it was me and why

but realizing maybe

it doesn't even matter 

and maybe 

not me either

because the changes you seek

don't match those I seek

and we both know there's no 

course correcting you

so it's all or nothing

your way 

or mine

not ours 

the biggest 


promise of them all

Why: a poem

because I want to see you more than I see you and to be near you even when I may not hear you because I want the ability to set myself and y...